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The mole has been showing up both in dreams and in the day reality of many of our participants. It is so striking that we decided to dedicate a blog to it. What does this blind creature mole have to teach us and why does he come up from the earth to show himself to us right now? Are we digging it?

Is it about depth? Have we not dug deep enough into our being?

Do we need to continue to delve into our psyche and the stories of our lives?

Is it an invitation to descend further into the underworld of consciousness? The mole leaves us with many questions but does not pose one itself.

In fact, Totem mole is about the ability to be blind during the process of spiritual growth. Not questioning thought, not creating stories, not seeing through anything, not fathoming anything. Where mole appears, it is time to let go of what we think we know.

A well-known Jewish prophet once said 'blessed are the poor in spirit'. Here, as an addition, to it he could have said 'the blind moles'. We come from a time when we collectively had the belief that we could heal ourselves if we could see through ourselves. We have seen a lot but all the stories, interpretations, analyses and systems have not brought healing in the end. At most a temporary rest. The slogan 'know thyself' proved to be temporarily tenable.

We have arrived in the time of 'being yourself'. The one who can effortlessly guide us beyond the creations of thought is the mole. The power of not-knowing that does not need to think to be. The power that doesn't need to analyze to know.

The willingness to let all the constructs of our thinking be molested. Even the insight about the mole. Just being grounded in mother earth. Let’s stop trying to dig it.

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