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The most BORING place in the universe!

Do you know what most people find really super boring? More boring than filing? Duller than sleep deprivation? Dumber than tax returns? More annoying than mosquito bites? You’ll never guess it.

In all our ceremonies, we encounter people who report with a disappointed look that they've been to a boring, sober place. Is it starting to dawn on you? The most boring of the most boring, most people find it to be 'here' and 'now'. Birthplace of countless life forms, home to billions of souls and galaxies, a breeding ground for unimaginable possibilities, the studio of the great mystery. We can make that 'boring' in our consciousness, and that is wonderfully peculiar!

We can even get bored in this epic bombardment of impressions, frequencies, and life forms and reduce it to something 'normal'. We've invented Netflix, porn, news, drugs, and social media to escape the unbearable 'boredom' of existence. What a bizarre magical ability we humans have. We can normalize the entire wonder and, what's more, we do everything to escape that reality.

We humans are masters of distraction and collectively play hide and seek with the 'here and now' to avoid landing in our conscious enlightened selves. We've even established religions, spiritual practices, and mystical schools to secretly stay away from the truth. We keep trying to move away from our essence by being very busy with other things. We're addicted to distraction and use everything and everyone to avoid self-realization.

Enlightened souls all describe the same life experience. Enlightenment is a relaxed, simple state of being in which you experience ‘I am that I am’. In summary, that becomes 'IS'. The universe couldn't make it any easier for us. We just have to be, and everything else is distraction.

For anyone interested in the super ‘dull', ‘boring' essence of everything, we gladly organize ceremonies and intensives. Sara has written a book about what can happen when you let go of perception filters like 'boring,' 'normal,' and 'ordinary' and let the 'here and now' speak. It's called 'Ode to Magic,' and around Christmas time it will be available as an e-book in English. We recommend this as a Happy Holiday present for those you love.

See you soon.

Sven and Sara

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