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For over fifteen years, we have served the shamanic field with dedication, conducting plant ceremonies, year-long journeys, and workshops focused on shadow work and ancestral work. This work demands a great deal of skill, dedication, and resilience. The primary skill we, as shamans, employ is the ability to listen to the intention of the field of consciousness and follow it, no matter how unorthodox its movements may seem. Over the past year, we noticed that the movements in our field were becoming increasingly intense. We wondered where all this intensity would lead. Last week, it became clear when we received shocking news in the form of a dead bat inside the shell we use for opening and closing ceremonies. This symbol was an unmistakable message for us... our work as shamans is complete. We are entering a process known among indigenous peoples as "the death of the shaman." Fortunately, this does not mean a literal death, but rather the end of our role as guides in ceremonies. Our shamanic journey began fifteen years ago when Sven's shamanic mentor was bitten by a bat. He asked Sven to take over a ceremony as a medicine man. After an intense initiation period, Sven was freed by the bat's bite to follow his shamanic path. On this path, he met Sara, the female shamanic force, who was equal to him on all levels and complemented him. Together, we have dedicated more than ten years to the growth of all our participants and the magic of the field. During the past year, we were both deeply affected by situations, both in our work and personal lives, that demanded a great deal from us. We began to question whether it was still our calling to continue with shamanism. Because our work is dear to us, we ignored these signals. A few days ago, we met with Rubi at our ceremonial site for a cup of coffee. She pointed out the dead bat in the shell we used to close our last ceremony. It was immediately clear to us... it is done! Totem bat, which opened the field for us, unmistakably shows that the field is now closed. What we were meant to do in this field is accomplished. We understand that this news may come as a shock to many of you. Trust us when we say it is an equally significant shock to us, as this work is tied to our life purpose, our passion, and our income. We have made many sacrifices to embark on our shamanic path and have received much in return. We have no choice but to listen to the message from the field, as our deepest trust lies there. We know that the totem bat represents immediate transformation. It has already happened, and there is no turning back. This means the following:

  • Any ceremonial work is now concluding for us. This includes primal ceremonies, suave ceremonies, elemental work, the "Seven" journey, the skully ceremony, and the shadow pearl ceremony.

  • Promises regarding training for medicine work or other shamanic work are hereby dissolved.

  • The only journeys continuing are those that do not involve opening a shamanic field, such as Reflective Coaching and the dream group led by Sara.

  • Anyone who has booked and paid for a ceremony will receive a refund.

What can you expect from us?

  • We will take time to reflect on our next steps. Most likely, we will focus on sharing our insights and content as it is given to us.

  • We will continue to keep you informed through our Wolf magazine with podcasts and blogs.

  • We will enter a period of reflection during which we will need time for ourselves to let go of a demanding life phase.

  • We will announce a date by the end of this year for a closing fire ceremony, dedicated to expressing gratitude for all the healing, breakthroughs, lessons, and transformations that have occurred under our guidance.

What do we expect from you?

  • We hope for your understanding and trust. We have always listened to this field of consciousness, and we hope you understand that this is the only decision we can make. We trust that you will find the right guidance in shamanic work if you need it and that you will recognize a capable shaman on your own.

  • We have helped thousands of people through very profound processes. We hope you understand that many people want to speak with us personally. If you wish to contact us, please do so via email at If you seek an opportunity to meet us in person, come to the closing fire ceremony, the location and date of which will be communicated later.

  • If you have a little patience, it will become clear how we will move forward. We need time to process the consequences of this message and determine our roles and next steps.

We thank all of you for the magical adventures, intensely intimate moments, beautiful experiences, even the deeply dark ones at times. Thank you for the strength and vulnerability that was shared. Thank you for eagerly embracing our teachings and helping deepen them. Thank you for the gratitude and respect we have received. It was an honor to guide you. With love, Sven Goedbloed and Sara Hermanides

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