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Stored in our collective consciousness are the stories and archetypes of antiquity. Our myths, sagas and fairy tales are symbolic messages from our ancestors. We tend to project these stories outward and then they quickly become fables or fantasies. They only reveal their messages when we are willing to see them as a reflection of our inner world.

That’s when we are able to see that there is no place for our soul, snow white in the palace of the ego, the evil queen. And that’s when it becomes clear how we must activate seven chakras during our growth (the dwarfs) and how we must move through a dying process to be awakened by ourselves. Our ancestors passed on stories that are very relevant for our lives nowadays but we need to be able to reflect to get to the real message.

The Bible is full of stories with hidden symbols. It has been proven from science that these stories were mostly copied by illiterate peasants. There is a good chance that we are reading texts that have little to do with the original. The special thing about the language of symbols is that this doesn’t matter. We receive the exact symbols we need at this moment in time. All manipulations and replacements are part of the story.

One of the most impressive manipulations in the history of human storytelling is credited to patriarchy. In the era of male dominance, we managed to erase the first woman like some sort of magician and replaced her with Eve. Adam’s first female counterpart however was Lillith. She has remained alive in the Zohar, one of the obscure books of the Kabbalah. Hidden away by patriarchy, she is now making a comeback at a time when the feminine principle is so desperately needed. Who is this woman and what emerges when you relate her "story" to your inner world?

For that, we have to go back to the symbiotic state of oneness from which we all emerge. In that oneness, everything is present and we lack nothing. A state of being that most of us know from the womb. In that Garden of Eden there is a male principle (Adam) and a female principle (Lillith) and they are equal and in balance. Until the moment when in the male an idea is born that there must be more than unity and a desire for separation and freedom as an individual comes. That's when Adam starts complaining to Yahweh and says something like...'hey God, I kind of like it here but to be frank with you it’s kind of annoying that this woman dominates everything and that she wants to be on top with sex. I feel suffocated and I would really like to be with a woman who is more submissive'. Yahweh listens to the call of the individual in us and creates a 'customized' woman out of the rib of Adam. A female that does not know the ferocious wildness of Lillith. We must break the umbilical cord with the primal mother to enter life as individuals.

For this we need a feminine part that is not directly connected to unity. The Eve in us learns to adapt to the male forces during our upbringing. She has to go out into the world, she has to be kind, she has to learn to curb her feelings, she has to act sexually attractive, and so on. Our inner Adam and Eve are firmly tied to the conditioning we adopt throughout our lives.

The unbound wild feminine power of our primal nature also remains present but it is "occult," hidden and demonized. According to the original story, Lillith leaves paradise of her own free will because she knows the original magical name of God. Not even the angels can stop her. She carries the primal wound of the female. The pain of ‘not being enough’. She is a sad hateful fury who retreats to her cave to bombard the children of Adam with misery from there. She causes us to have to let go of our conditioned truths which are all grounded in 'not enough'.

The fury and destructive power of Lillith is burned deep into our genetic codes and plays tricks on us all. From the wound in the feminine principle (the 'not-enough') our pain body is created. War, addictions, hunger, self-flagellation, rape, depression, eating disorders, suicide, our entire suffering can be traced back to one principle; 'not enough'.

The story of Lillith also offers us the medicine for total healing....


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