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You have given yourself or someone close to you a great gift. Gratitude is a  force of nature that brings good to all levels of our being. Thankful people.....

  •    sleep better

  •    Are healthier

  •    Experience more happiness

  •    Have more success

  •    Activate their immune system

  •    Have healthy relationships



There is more possible....visit our digital gratitude ceremony.


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During the crisis in our relationship, my husband and I kept getting caught up in the same circle of despair and anger. When I started reading Thankful for Everything every night, my reproach, my discontent, and fear healed. My husband and I found each other again in love and now we communicate with each other very differently. I am so thankful that Frank is here.



'Grateful for everything' has made me mature, through the lessons of gratitude. I always remained a victim of the family I came from, I blamed my parents for my insecurity. Now I am grateful to my parents for who and what I have become.


When we got married, we read to our guests from 'For Everything Thankful' and then invited everyone to express their gratitude to a fire. This made our marriage a real ceremony that was healing for everyone and a foundation for our start together. We are so thankful for the love.




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