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Sat, Aug 13


The location will be determined later


Seven initiations in seven days; About unity, polarity, femininity, masculinity, sacred space, self-love, and the seven elemental initiations.

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Tijd en locatie

Aug 13, 2022, 9:00 AM GMT+2 – Aug 19, 2022, 5:30 PM GMT+2

The location will be determined later

Over de ceremonie

Day 1 - Oneness

Enter the gate of reflection. Learn the most important fundamentals of the art of reflection by studying youdream. 

Day 2 - Polarity

The power of individuality. A fire ceremony to create space for personal growth and transformation. 

Day 3 - The feminine

Our deep connection with nature. The wisdom of animals. The guidance of horses.

Day 4 - The masculine

Our Natural Wild Freedom. A guided 'deep ecology' nature walk.

Day 5 - Sacred Space

Remember the depths of your essence in a native American plant masters

Day 6 Self love

A healing day in heart meditation. The activation of your self-healing power. All about heart based consciousness.

Day 7 The elements

Seven initiation paths. Seven directions of inner growth integrating all the experience of theis magic week.


o Guidance by two experienced shamanic guides/executive coaches

o Hotel stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner

o Unique location in the middle of Hollands biggest nature area

o Guided tour by experienced deep ecology specialist

o Sessions with shamanic horse coach

o Literature:

      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_  • 'the art of reflection', Sven

      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_  • 'the power of gratitude', Sara & Sven

      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_  • 'ode to magic', Sara

      _8df6fbcc- 43d3-3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_  • 'Seven' initiations

It promises to be a beautiful, magical and intense 7 days! A small group, 7 days long. As this is not for everyone, we would like to speak with you before placing a booking. Contact for more information. 


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