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za 17 aug




The challenges of these days demand a more feminine approach to leadership. Read more below...

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Tijd en locatie

17 aug 2024, 09:00 – 23 aug 2024, 17:00

Putten, Putten, Nederland

Over het event

The challenges of these days demand a more feminine approach to leadership. The masculine approach of business that’s based on the ability to create visions, focus on objectives, execute plans and adapt organi-zational strategies to developments in the market has been a great success in the past but is not fit for the future. To be able to meet the demands of these times we need a different style of leadership. The ‘seven intensive’ provides a great opportunity to explore this more feminine approach of leadership. It’s designed to activate and complete your leadership potential. This summer school will open new dimensions of leadership for you to apply in your organization.  


Apart from your travelling expenses all costs are included. Seven costs € 6.500,- ex VAT (21%). In total € 7.865,-

For more information please leave your details and we'll get back to you!


Seven brought me so many more lessons than the number would suggest. With Seven

Sven and Sara offer a delicately curated learning experience that takes you on an

expedition within yourself. In a safe and secret setting I was invited to go beyond my own

limitations, expectations, beliefs and ego. Highly recommended for anyone who is ready

for a true shift, a new outlook, a fresh perspective.

Lars Sørensen

Seven is a magical soul journey;

an inner exploration to rekindle the

embers deep inside, to remember

one’s own calling and to reignite the

spirit all expertly guided by the love

and wisdom of Sven & Sara.

Susan Goldsworthy,


De 7 intensive week is voor mij het meest krachtige en diepgaande traject dat ik ooit heb

gevolgd. Het is een week vol synchroniciteit en magie. Het geeft je inzicht in je essentie

en hoe je kan afstemmen met het leven op dieper niveau. Het was voor mij een

transformatie op wezenlijk niveau en gaf mij informatie hoe te navigeren in de fases

daarna. Aanrader voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in persoonlijk leiderschap en

ontwikkeling en zeker voor leiders die dagelijks geconfronteerd worden met uitdagingen

van deze tijd. Zeer liefdevolle en professionele begeleiding van Sven & Sara.

Maarten van Neerven

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